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Seminars, Conferences & Congresses turnkey

(For all companies, groups and institutions)

Why does RT MOTO RUN organize seminars, symposiums and conferences?

Coming from the sports world, high level sportsman and coach of players on the national and international circuit, the designer of RT MOTO RUN, Yann GRIZAUD, having participated in many seminars, conferences or congresses, has, by force of circumstance as well as by the strong demand and solicitation of knowledge, considered the feasibility in terms of events and organization of such an implementation, as well as the credibility and durability while being different. 

Indeed, very popular, corporate seminars are high impact management tools. Considered as essential events by employees and managers, they create synergies and reinforce team cohesion. 

A company seminar is an event that brings together all or part of the company's employees outside its premises. For one day or more, the participants discuss a common project or a given issue. Corporate seminars are often organized in pleasant and intimate environments, and sometimes even abroad. These events are divided between work sessions and relaxation activities.

What are the objectives of RT MOTO RUN for companies, groups and various institutions?

A "corporate" seminar aims to bring together several employees to share the company's mission and values. These events help foster collective intelligence, motivate teams and improve performance. However, there are several types of seminars that meet different strategic objectives:

  • The working seminar bringing together employees and external speakers, to understand certain projects of the company or others...
  • The management seminar, which allows managers to discuss strategic decisions of the company or other...
  • The management seminar, to bring together management positions in the company (others) and train in management methods...
  • The integration seminar, to welcome the new recruits within the company or others...
  • The training seminar, to enable employees to acquire new skills...
  • The sales seminar, to bring together the company's sales force and define future objectives...
  • The "motivation" and cohesion seminar, to strengthen teamwork, boost motivation and performance.

To organize a seminar, any company, group or institution can call on RT MOTO RUN. Do not forget to provide us with some information about the following aspects:

  • The place and date of the event. Most often, the location depends on the type of seminar...
  • The desired duration of the seminar...
  • The schedule: how will the "work time" and the activities (relaxation or cohesion) be shared?
  • Capacity: Exact number of people (to be transported, to be fed, to be accommodated, who participate or not in the workshops or meetings in the rooms, who participate or not in the side activities...)
  • Equipment required: Rooms, tables, chairs, microphones, overhead projector, screens, TV, notebooks and accessories...
  • The proposed activities... (Motorcycle Road Trip, Equestrian activities, Hiking or biking, Water sports, Helicopter, Museums, Shopping etc...)
  • The means of transportation chosen to bring the employees and guests to the different locations... (Bus, 9-seater vehicles, cars...)
  •  Accommodation, in case the company seminar lasts several days... (Hotel, Gite or Bed and Breakfast, House rental...)
  • The food served. Depending on the location, the caterer can be chosen or imposed.
  •   The same applies to conferences and congresses... Partners, colleagues, clients and guests can be invited to participate in all or part of the program.
  • Reunion Island is a unique and magical place to organize such events.
  • The reception infrastructures, the logistics, the human and material resources, the diversity of the activities add an undeniable value to our experience in qualitative and operational terms.
  • Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.  
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